What is Blues Contraption

Blues Contraption is a funky, groovin’ trio that plays blues and R&B influenced tunes with a different perspective: slide guitar, bass, and minimal drums. This line up is simple and flexible, sort of like a street band, which can play anywhere.

Performing slide guitar, in the style of the early Delta blues masters has been an important aspect of Jerry’s playing for years, and it seemed like a good idea to plug it in and add some accompaniment. Thus was born the idea of a contraption: an ensemble that has changing parts, yet is familiar in sound.

The music of Blues Contraption is an eclectic mix of tunes ranging from Delta Gospel-Blues master Blind Willie Johnson to the funkiness of Little Feat.

Blues Contraption studio recordings



Jerry Kosak

Slide Guitar and Voice

Drew Stinson


Dan May



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04 Mar 2020 Jerry Kosak - Solo Guitar - Minneapolis, MN — Becketwood Cooperative
03 Jun 2020 Jerry Kosak - Solo Guitar - Anoka, MN — Ambi Wine Bar
5058Strings Broken
36Different Slides Used
748Songs Performed
28Speakers Blown