Jerry as a classical guitarist

Music and the fascination with the guitar has always been part of Jerry’s life. However, it wasn’t until age 19 that he actually picked up a guitar and started to play. In the somewhat peculiarly logical manner for him, Jerry decided to immediately study classical guitar, a style with which he was totally unfamiliar. In fact, at this point in his life, the only “classical guitar” he had ever heard was the tune “Mood For a Day,” by his idol Steve Howe.

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Jerry’s Evolution From Student to Professional

  • Academic and Music Training

    Jerry received a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance from Arizona State University
    and a Master of Music in Musicology/Guitar performance from northern Arizona University.

  • Teaching

    Jerry taught guitar and music history at Northern Arizona University. Upon moving to the Twin Cities, he began teaching at MacPhail Center for Music.

  • 1st Two-Time winner of the Zeitgeist New Song Competition

    Jerry's original compositions ``Many Dances`` and ``Matagalpa`` were chosen as winning entries for two consecutive years.

  • Academic and Administrative Leadership

    After teaching at McNally Smith College of Music, Jerry was chosen as Head of the Guitar Dept. He branched out into online teaching and currently teaches online guitar lessons at Wayne State College.