Jerry Kosak

“He obviously has talent… wonderfully recorded guitar!”

Tommy Emmanuel


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“Jerry is a powerful and colorful guitarist who makes me want to practice… or just listen with a big smile on my face.”

Billy McLaughlin

“Jerry has got a great spirit and plays some mean guitar.”

Don Alder

“Jerry’s new music is compelling!”

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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Jerry Kosak is a guitarist living in Saint Paul, MN. His musical journey began over 35 years ago and continues to flourish, with the release of his third recording of original music for solo guitar, Yossarian’s Dream. In this new recording, Jerry’s music and playing continue to grow, displaying a dedication to his craft and a willingness to push himself to be the best musician he can be. Not content to reside within a single style, Jerry’s playing and composing are restless, moving from classical to roots and blues to modern progressive. His new music combines rhythmic drumming, grooving bass lines, and thoughtfully disjointed melodies, all performed by one guitarist on one guitar. His passion of listening, studying, and performing continues to produce “a great reflection of many different styles” according to Kevin Barnes of KBEM Jazz 88.

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